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Unit 5 Rhythm Lesson 1 Performance

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Unit 5 Rhythm  

Lesson 1 Performance  

First Period  

Teaching objectives  

{C}<!--[if !supportLists]-->l         <!--[endif]-->to practise using the words or phrases related to concert and performance;

{C}<!--[if !supportLists]-->l         <!--[endif]-->to get familiar with the main structure and content of a concert review;

{C}<!--[if !supportLists]-->l         <!--[endif]-->to retell the text.

(focus on language—focus on words/phrases learning)

Teaching procedures  




Students’ activities

Activities patterns





To think about reasons to go to a concert.




Question & answer  

e.g., For what reasons, would you like to go to a concert?

Lead into the topic.

To stimulate Ss’ background knowledge.

Step 2


To practice using the words (adjectives and nouns) related to a concert.


To comment on a concert with the sentence pattern, e.g., the music was brilliantbut the special effects (n.) were + disappointing (adj.).

Individual work

Teacher asks and some student answers.

(take as an example)


Pair work

Students ask and answer.

Vocabulary & sentence pattern preparation


To learn to express our feelings towards a concert.


Step 3


To guess what aspects could be included in a concert review.



Group work

Sometimes we want to write down our feelings—a concert review. Could you guess what aspects could be included in concert review?

To predict the layout and major content of a concert review.

Read to learn—language focus

Step 4


Read the text quickly to get to know the basic layout of the concert review

Who + Ex2

Individual work

To identify their predictions of the layout of a concert review.

Step 5


Read the text—the concert review to fill in the table.

Whose concert

The beginning

(time, audience + saw one’s concert + place)

Describe Morissette’s songs and her performance.

Describing the external factors of the concert.

The ending

Commenting on the singer and her songs; the reviewer’s feeling.

Individual & pair work


To grasp some specific information to further understand the structure of a concert review.

To learn to use some words and phrases.

To practise using some sentence patterns.


Step 6


Try to summarize the review.

Each paragraph one sentence.

Retell the text.

Individual & pair work

To retell the main idea of the text.

Step 7


To watch a similar concert to speak out a concert review simply.

To discuss how to write a concert review.

Ex5p22 Voice your opinion.

Group work

To further consolidate the key words /phrases, the sentence pattern and the layout of a concert.

Step 8


P22 Ex 3&4, P67 Ex 5&6


Further consolidation





Second Period  

Teaching objectives  

{C}<!--[if !supportLists]-->l         <!--[endif]-->to further consolidate the key words/phrases

{C}<!--[if !supportLists]-->l         <!--[endif]-->to practise using will for decisions;

{C}<!--[if !supportLists]-->l         <!--[endif]-->to practise using time clauses with as soon as, when, before… and clauses of concession with although/though.

(to focus on grammar)

Teaching procedures  



Students’ activities

Activities patterns


Clauses of concession

Step 1


Clause relation—concession

Linking words



Will for decisions

Step 2


Listen for general idea.

Ex 6 Who

Individual work


Step 3


Listen again to focus on sentences.

Ex 7 Sudden decision

Individual & pair work

To pay attention to the sentence structures

Step 4


Find out the common features of the verb forms

Ex 8



Step 5


Analyze them in Ex 9

Verb form

Linking words



Step 6


Practice Ex1 p66