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1If条件句中的虚拟情况:(其中___________, ____________, ____________放句首要倒装)
















1) If you had asked him yesterday, you would have known what he meant.
2) If I were you, I would go to look for him.

3) If it should/were to rain tomorrow, the party would be cancelled.

=If it were to rain tomorrow, the party would be cancelled.

=If it rained tomorrow, the party would be cancelled.

4) If I hadn't stood under the ladder to catch you when you fell , you ________________your leg.(break)

5) If he _________here, everything_________________ all right. 如果他在这儿,一切都会好的。

6) _____________ to do the work, I should do it some other day.
A. If were I    B. I were  C. Were I     D. Was I

7) My cat wouldn't have bitten the toy fish _____ it was made of rubber. 
A. if she has known     B. if she knew  C. she should have know   D. had she known 

8)If it had rained last night, it would be very cold today.翻译:__________________________________

9)要是我是你的话, 我就一定要抓住这次好机会。___________________________________________________________________________________

10).要是他昨天来的话, 我就会跟他走的。___________________________________________________________________________________

11)Were they here now, they could help us. =_______________________________________

Had you come earlier, you would have met him =__________________, you would have met him.

Should it rain, the crops would be saved. =__________________, the crops would be saved.

2should+动词原形说话人的意见听话人不一定能够能接受的:如:suggest, insist, advise, demand , order, intend, request, require, propose, command , desire, lest (以免;生怕;唯恐) , advocate, recommend

1) Our teacher recommends that we _____ as attentive as possible when visit the museum. 
A. are B. shall C. were D. be 

2) It is recommended that the project _____ until all the preparations have been made. 
A. is not started B. will not be started  C. not be started D. is not to be started 

3) He suggested _____ to tomorrow's exhibition together. 
A. us go B. we went C. we shall D. we go 

4) My father didn't go to New York, the doctor suggested that he _____ there. 
A. not to go B. not go  C. hadn't gone D. wouldn’t go 

5) We desire that the tour leader _____ us immediately of any change in plans. 
A. inform B. informs C. informed D. has informed 

6) It was proposed that the matter _____ discussed at the next meeting. 
A. will be B. was C. would D. be 

7) We are all for your proposal that the discussion _____.
A. be put off B. was put off  C. should put off D. is to put off 

8) He took his raincoat with him lest(以免)it _____________________.(rain)

9) He put his coat over the child for fear that (或lest) he _____________________cold.(catch)

10)He suggested ______________ once more. (try)

He suggested that a meeting _________________ next week.  (hold)

His pale face suggested that he _________________in poor health. (be)

11)I insisted on __________________ at once. (leave)

I insisted that he _____________________ at once. (leave)

12) The captain ordered that the sailors _____________  the ship around at once. (turn)

The captain ordered that the ship ________________  around at once. (turn)

3.在important, vital, essential, necessary, strange , incredibleadvisable, preferable, urgent 等形容词之后的that从句,谓语用动词原形 should+动词原形

1)It was essential that the application forms ______ back before the deadline. 
A. must be sent B. would be sent  C. be sent D. were sent 
2) I don't think it advisable that Tim ___ to the job since he has no experience. 
A. in assigned B. will be assigned  C. be assigned D. has been assigned 
3) It is necessary the dictionary __________immediately. 
A. that he will return  B. that he returned  C. that he return D. that he had to return 
4) It is vital that enough money ____ to fund the subject. 
A. be collected B. must be collected C. is collected D. can be collected 
4would rather, as if ,wish, if only +从句:_______________________________________________

1) To be frank, I'd rather you were not involved in the case now. 
I'd rather you had visited my hometown last week.

2) How I wish I were you!

  I wish you hadnt fallen down hard from your bike.

3) You don't have to be in such a hurry, I would rather you ____ on business first. 
A. would go B. will go  C. went D. have gone 

4) Frankly speaking, I'd rather you ____ anything about it for the time being. 
A. didn't do B. haven't done  C. don't do D. have done 

5) He talks to me as if he________ my brother. (be)

6) They talked as if they _____________________friends for years.(be)

7) Look at the situation I'm in! If only I ______________ your advice. 
A. follow     B. had followed  C. would follow D. have followed 



_____________ have done


_____________ have done                                              



_____________ have done


_____________ have done


_____________ have done


_____________ have done


_____________ have done




1) You should have arrived here early. 译_____________________________________________

2) The test was so easy that you could have done it correctly. 译______________________________________

3) I am so sorry, but I would have bought you a gift. 译_____________________________________________

4) Hi, man, you have grown up. You need have washed you own clothes in stead of asking your mom to .


5) I didn’t hear the phone. I must have been asleep. 译_____________________________________________

6)My sister met him at the grand Theatre yesterday afternoon, so he couldn’t have attended your lecture.


7)My deskmate may have mistaken my book as hers. I can find it anywhere now !


8) Sorry I’m late. I ________ have turned off the alarm clock and gone back to sleep again.

A. might    B. should           C. can       D. will

9)–Show me your permit, please.   – Oh, it’s not in my pocket. It ________.

A.might fall out    B. could fall out      C. should have fallen out   D. must have fallen out

10)—I wonder why Mr. Lin didn’t come to work.   –He _________ have been ill.

A. needn’t   B. should    C. might D. can.

11) Michael ___________ be a policeman, for he’s much too short.

A. needn’t   B. can’t   C. should     D. may

12) I didn’t see her in the meeting room this morning.  She ______ have spoken at the meeting.

A. mustn’t    B. shouldn’t   C. needn’t       D. couldn’t

6. otherwise, but for,______________________________________

1) But for your help, I couldnt have passed the test.

2) But for your help, I _______________________the work ahead of time.(finish)
3)I really don't know how to thank you, but for your help, I ________ my lost necklace.

A.couldn't have found

B.mustn't have found

C.couldn't find

D.wouldn't find

4) We didn't know his telephone number, otherwise we would have telephoned him. 
5) We didn’t know you were in trouble at that time,otherwise we ___________________ you a hand.(give)

6) He reminded of what I otherwise would have forgotten. 翻译:_______________________________________

7. without 的虚拟情况:

1. 与现在事实相反: Without air, man couldn't exist on the earth.

谓语动词:would/could/might (not) do sth.

2. 与过去事实相反: Without your help, I would have failed the exam last week.

谓语动词:would/could/might (not) have done sth.

3. 与将来事实相反: Without your ticket, I wouldn't be able to go to the concert tomorrow.

谓语动词:would/could/might (not) do sth.



8. It is (high) time that_____________________________________________________

1) It is time that the children went to bed. (go)
It/This is my first time that_____________________________________________________

2) This is my third time that I have made the same mistake.






































8. ________ for my illness I would have lent him a helping hand. 
A. Not being B. Had it not been  C. Without being      D. Not having been 
9. ________ before we depart the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party. 
A. Had they arrived B. Would they arrive    C. Were they arriving    D. Were they to arrive 
10. ________ right now, she would get there on Sunday. 
A. Would she leave B. If she leave      C. Were she to leave D. If she had left 
11. Had he worked harder, he _________ the exams. 
A. must have got through B. would have got through C. would get though D. could get through 

13. In his position, I ____________________________  the invitation. (就会接受邀请)

14. Given more time, I __________________________ the test.(就能做完考卷)

15. What______________________________ without you? (要是没你的话我会做出什么事来!)

C. would telephone D. had telephoned 

29. I'd sooner you _____________________  Jim so much. He is still very depressed.


48. I meant to have written to you as soon as I got there, but I was too busy to do so.  

I had meant to write to you as soon as I got there, but I was too busy to do so. 
49. The mad man was put in the soft-padded cell lest he _____________himself.

A. injure B. had injured  C. injured D. would injure 

50. We _________ to start our own business, but we never had enough money. 
A. have hoped B. would hope  C. had hoped D. should hope 






1.我希望我有魔法来解决我现在遇见的问题.(wish) _______________________________________________________________________________________


3.这只铅笔放在水里, 看起来好象断了. 

The pencil looks as if ________________________when put into water.

4.我强烈倡议大家要在有空的时候少上网玩游戏而是应该到户外去走走, 这对健康绝对有益。 _________________________________________________________________________________

5.大家都推荐我们如果受人邀请就要准时到,这是礼貌。 ____________________________________ 


7.要是我们不用考试就好了. _________________________________________________________

8.要是河流还是象30年前那么清澈就好了. ______________________________________________

9.我宁愿你上周没来看我. I would rather _______________________________________________

10.他宁愿她考试过后再来泉州. He would rather __________________________________________


16.如果警察早点到, 他们就会看到车祸。___________________________________________________________________________________

17.要是救护车没有及时赶到, 这个被撞的小孩就没命了. ___________________________________________________________________________________

18.如果人民和政府早早就采取行动, 花早就干死了. ___________________________________________________________________________________

19.要是我们都能遵守自然的规律, 我们的家园就不会是现在这个的样子了. _____________________________________________________________