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1. (1) _____ to the left , and you'll see the bus stop.     
(2)  ____ to the left , you'll see the bus stop.
(3) ____ down the radio---the baby's sleeping in the next room .
A. Turning     B. To turn     C. Turn       D. If you turn
2. (1)____ many times, but he still couldn't understand the question .
(2) ____ many times, he still couldn't understand the question .
(3)____  me the bad news, he went out of the room sadly.
A. Having been told     B. Having told   
C. He was told         D. Although he was told
3. (1)Whom would you rather ___ with you, Tom or Jack ?  
(2)There's no bus here . We ___ there on foot.
(3)--- Where are your parents?  --- They ___ to Shanghai.
A. have to go    B. have gone   C. have go   D. have to gone
4. (1) The Party members should do all they ____ those in trouble.
(2)Abraham's mother did what she ___ him.
(3)Let's go and ask for our teacher's advice. He _____ us.
(4)There is a lot of air in loose snow, which ___ to keep the cold out .
A. can help   B. can to help    C. could to help   D. can't help
5. (1) Nothing could make us ___ up the hope.        
(2)Crusoe made a candle ___ light.
A. to give   B. given   C. giving   D. give
6. (1) ____, the old lady was knocked by a car.
    (2)____ , a car knocked the old lady down .
A.While crossing the street
B. While she was crossing the street
C. She crossed the street         D. Crossed the street
7. (1) Tom's mother kept telling him that he should work hard, but ___ didn't help.
   (2)Tom's mother kept telling him that he should work hard, ____ didn't help.
  A. he   B. which    C. she    D. it
8. (1) The policeman ordered that the car ___ here.   
   (2)The policeman ordered the car ____ here.
A.not to be parked   B. would be parked 
 C. not be parked   D. must be stopped