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U17 test

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    Unit 17Laughter



1. 突然笑起来_______

2.对…作出反应 _______

3. 与…和谐,一致_______

4.排队 _______

5. 小心地,谨慎地_______

6. 处理掉,摆脱_______

7. 胡闹,瞎弄_______

8. 不时地______

9. 导致,造成_______

10. 因…骂人_______

11. 撞上_______

12. 无法抵制做某事… _______

13. 禁止某人做某事_______

14. convince sb. of sth _______

15. figure out _____________________

16.turn sb off ______________

17. 不管,不顾_______

18. 使某人惊讶的是______

19.做鬼脸  _______

20. 多亏,由于 _______

21. 对某人有益_______

22.被饿死 _______

23.圆满完成任务 _______

24. 推迟做某事_______

25. 用完,耗尽_______

26. acknowledge sb. with____________

27. Guess what_______

28. be tough with sb._______

29. put on_______ desperate  for sth______________

31. compensate for______ around____________


二:Complete the sentences:

33.What __________(使某人笑) me most was the thought of Martin in a dress.

34.It’s __________(荒谬的)that we have to waits.

35.John’s excuse for being late was totally _________(不可置信的)

36.She tried very hard to do it well,but unfortunately her effort was o_________.

37.I want to w________ $40 from our bank to cash a cheque.

38.They apologized for the  d___________in answering our letter.

39. The thieves got ___________(惊恐的) and ran away.

40. The government is the highest a___________ in the country.

41. We hope you can a____________(承认)  your mistakes in public.

42. Teaching is said to bethe noblest___________(职业) in the world

43. All these things need to be done with great ___________(小心,谨慎)

44. It’s hard to ___________(使相信) me that he is innocent.

45. I have realized that this is a _______________(艰难的,棘手的) job.

46.I was a_______________(惊讶) at the news of his sudden death.




47. 我觉得你通过考试是不会有困难的。(difficulty)










三: Multiple choices

52.You don’t know what great difficulty I had_____to get the two tickets.Is the film really worth_____twice?

A.managing,seeing  B. managed,seeing  C. managing, being seen  D. managed, to be seen

53.________ the wallet,he dared not ______ home.

A.Having not found,go  B.Not having found ,go  C.Not finding,to go D. Not find,go

54.-Why haven’t I seen Mr.Smith lately? -Oh,because it is two weeks since he_____here.

 A.lived  C.has lived  D.had got

55.The aborigines ______ in Australia for thousands of years, but rheir present lifestyle and culture differ little from ____ of their ancestors.

A.having lived,that B.had been living,the one C.have been lived, ones D.having been living,those

57.As soon as he comes back,I’ll tell him when ____ and see him. will come  B.will you come come you come

58.-Why does she always ask you for help? – There is no one else _____,is there? who she can turn  B.for whom she can turn whom she can turn  D.for her to turn

59.Her brothe has become a doctor, ______ she wanted to be.

A.who  B.which  C. that  D.what

60.“Things ____ never comes again! ”I couldn’t help talking to myself.

A.losing  B.lost lose  D.have lost

61.___ to nuclear radiation, even for a short time,may produce variants of genes in human bodies.

A.Having exposed  B.Exposed  C.Being exposed  D.After being exposed

62.Which will you enjoy _____your holiday,traveling abroad or working in the countryside?

A.spending  B. to spend  C. spend  D. spent

63.The officers discussed the plan that they would like to see ______ the next month.

A.carried out  B.carrying out carry out  D.carry out

64.Faced with a bill for $10,000,_______ extra job has been taken  B.the boss has given John an extra job

C.John has taken an extra job extra job has given to John

65.The thie fell to the ground,his left foot _____ and blood _____ from his mouth.

A.breaking, running  B.broken, running  C. breaking,run D.broken, run

66.A good story doesn’t necessarily have to have a happy ending,but the reader must not be left__

A.unsatisfying  B.unsatisfied be satisfying   D. being satisfied


Key             unit 17


1.burst out laughing 2.make a response to harmony with       4.wait in line cautious about/of 6.get rid of

7.fool around 8.from time to time 9.result in 10.scold sb for sth into 12. can’t resist doing 13.forbid sb. to do sth 14.使某人相信某事 15.  算出想出解决,领会 16.令人讨厌,使人感到厌烦。17.regardless of 18. to one’s astonishment 19. pull faces 20. thanks to 21. do sb.good =do good to sb. 22. be starved to death 23. accomplish the task 24. delay=put off=postpone doing sth. out of 26. 对某人表示感谢27. 你猜怎么着28.对某人强硬129 穿上戴上假装上演增加体重30.渴望得到某物31. 弥补赔偿32.四处游戏

二:Complete the sentences:

33.amused 34.ridiculous 35.unbelievable 36.overlooked 37.withdraw 38.delay 39.scared 40.authority 41.acknowledge 42.profession  43.caution   44.convince

45.tough 46. astonished


47.I don’t think you’ll have any difficulty in passing the exam.

48.Not having found the wallet,he dared not go home.

49.She stood at the gate as if waiting for someone.

50.I’ll buy a TV set if necessary.

51.He says what he thinks,redardless of other people’s feelings.

四:Multiple Choices

52.A 53.B 54.A 55.D 57. A 58. C 59. B 60. B 61. C 62. B 63. A 64.C 65.B 66 B